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We’ll take the stress out of buying abroad

At French Property Tours we understand the excitement you will have each time you travel from your home to your holiday property in France. Equally, we understand the anticipation that you may have when you arrive to see if the grass is higher than your gate or the weeds have overgrown your patio or terrace. As holiday home owners for many years, we know how it feels to have managed to grab a long weekend in your special retreat only to have to spend most, if not all, of it getting a sore back cutting and hacking to clear away the undergrowth so that you can, once again, see your path to the BBQ.

There is no need for you to do this. French Property Tours has an excellent team of very capable and successful folks who can take care of your gardens so that when you arrive you have no concerns about how they will look or what may need to be done. It'll be done for you and all you have to do is arrive and enjoy. After all, one of the reasons for buying the property is to escape and have a well earned, and probably much needed, break.

Part of the service that we offer through our Garden Services is a regular, pre agreed, regime of cutting, strimming, prunning and so on. Each agreement is a bespoke arrangement as each property owner and each garden is very different and requires its own arrangement. In addition, after each visit, you will receive, normally by email, a brief report of the work undertaken along with a few photographs to let you see what has been completed and, more importantly, how it looks. Some of our clients actually use these photos as screen savers on the home and work computers. Maybe it helps while away the days until the next trip.

Below is a list of the types of work we normally undertake, as and when required, but there is, realistically, no limit to what we will do to maintain your garden:

  • Grass cutting - either collected or mulched
  • Strimming in all areas
  • Weed treatments
  • Edging trimming
  • Paths clearing and maintenance
  • Hedge trimming
  • Terrace/Patio works
  • Pool cleaning and servicing
  • Winter preparation of gardens and pools

Please contact us for more detailed or specific information


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